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Installation of eliteCMS is very easy just fallow these steps and you will have your website running in no times.

  1. Download the zip file and extract the contents into a folder such as eliteCMS or root
     on your web server.

  2. Go to your webhosting control panel and create a mysql database for eliteCMS.

  3. Run http://yourwebhost/eliteCMS and setup starts to run by itself.
  4. If setup doesn’t start automatically then you can start it manualy
     by going to http://yourwebhost/eliteCMS/setup.
  5. chmod 777 uploads directory if you want to use the image upload.
  6. Do not forget to delete setup directory from your web server
     after a successful installation of the eliteCMS.
  7. That's it. You're done and are now ready to start adding text and
     pictures to your site.

If you still have any problem in installing eliteCMS you can post in this forum.


Re: Elite CMS Installation Guide

already installed the script. at the admin area, we can manage user right? but, where should they login? and, can you please show me how to make people (visitor) can manually sign up to the web then we(admin) will just approve it or reject the request. I think that's much cooler. anyway, thanks for the script!
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Re: Elite CMS Installation Guide

Users can be added to eliteCMS thats true but remember its a website content management system so any user you add to your eliteCMS will be an admin and will be able to add/delete content to your website and they will also login from the same admin login page. This eliteCMS does not have the functionality to assign user rights or manual signup for the admin users.
But if you want better admin user functionality you can check the demo of Elite CMS Pro.


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how much the Elite CMS Pro? am i going to be the first buyer? hehe~
anyway, how can i purchase the Pro one? hope a livesupport from you. tq raj~


Re: Elite CMS Installation Guide

"This is a one time cost for the one Elite CMS Pro license for one domain."
i saw this at Elite CMS Pro Section. how much if i want to be a reseller of you CMS script, i mean since i have almost 10 personal web site, and i want to put this CMS in all my own web site, how much should i pay to you? and also to remove your copy right? - reseller


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Well one license for one domain cost $99 , and you are not the first buyer, Elite CMS Pro has been successfully running at several websites, I can't disclose those domains in public but if you want to know those name mail me in private. And yes if you want to buy bulk license than you will surly get discount up to 20% depending on the license quantity , yes you can remove copyright from the front-end after purchasing but not from the admin back-end. You can email me in private for bulk order for further details.


Re: Elite CMS Installation Guide

I am still in the process of considering some other content management system options but I would definitely include Elite CMS in my options. I made up my mind that I would after I read the no-hassle steps of installation above.  play pokies online

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